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Tuire Tuominen
 Hevoshaantie 24 a 17
 FIN-01200 Vantaa 
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Company was established in 1995 to provide professional translation services from both German and English into Finnish.

Technical translations
Services include instruction manuals, service manuals and user guides of various machines and equipments. We also perform software translations of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (e.g. SAP) and other user interface texts.

Business translations
Business translations include various agreements, personnel magazines, company brochures, leaflets, reviews and press releases.

Certified translations
Certified translations are available from German into Finnish. Translations are certified with an authorised translator's signature and seal.

Website translations
Our web related translations include the translations of world wide web hotel booking services and international electronics manufacture's websites.

Authorised translator Tuire Tuominen authored the German-Finnish part of the Finnish-German-Finnish dictionary first published by WSOY in 1995 (9th edition in 2007). Tuire Tuominen was also the author of German-Finnish part of the Langenscheidt's Universal Dictionary published by Langenscheidt KG in 1995.

The rate will be determined by the technical complexity of the document, the turnaround time, and the linguistic quality of the source document. Prices are indicated per target word for English-Finnish or per standard line (60 characters) for German-Finnish. Prices exclude VAT. Rates can be negotiaed for large volumes of source text.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain quotation. All documents are treated in strict confidence and are automatically destroyed if our quote is not accepted.

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